Wandsworth project

Inside Film began in August 2006 in HMP Wandsworth with the aim of using film as a means of creative expression and as an educational tool.

The projects begin with theoretical and practical workshops. A series of professionals and academics volunteer their time to come and talk to the students about the different areas of filmmaking (screenwriting, sound, documentary, etc).

Production groups come together, ideas are formulated and discussed, scripts written and storyboarded, films cast (again professional actors participate voluntarily) and finally, shooting commences. What follows is an exciting, intense, emotional and rewarding period as the films take shape. With shooting over, the groups begin to edit their films and lay down soundtracks. The whole process ends with screenings of the films.


  • 52% of male prisoners and 71% of female prisoners have no qualifications at all.
    When you factor in child care and other benefits the annual cost of imprisoning a person can be as high as 50,000.
  • Around a quarter of all prisoners have been taken into care as a child.
  • Half of male prisoners, and a third of female prisoners have been excluded from school.
  • 72% of male prisoners, and 70% of female prisoners were suffering from two or more mental disorders.
  • The UK has the highest rate of imprisonment in western Europe.
  • Over half of all prisoners are back inside within 2 years.